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Blown Away Glass Studio

Verta’s Contribution: Logo & Branding Website Creation Videography Product Photography

The creative team of Katherine and Tim McManus design and produce fascinating glass sculptures, chandeliers, awards, and decorative pieces for homes, offices and galleries. They opened Blown Away Glass Studio in Elora, Ontario in 1999.

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This is a unique business, but due to an outdated online presence and aged exterior of the shop, tourists visiting the artisan town of Elora, Ontario often overlooked this amazing establishment and drove right by.

Since branding is instrumental in the creative world, Blown Away Glass Studio had to make a bold decision in order to stand out and make their mark. The Verta Marketing team developed unique branding and marketing strategies for Blown Away Glass Studio, reinvigorating their entire image.

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A Bold Personality and Unique Approach

Part of this process included a complete redesign of their website, allowing for an intuitive yet functional experience for the consumer. We updated the site by showcasing their amazing products and services through a compelling online gallery, added features for clients to book classes and tours, and created a captivating commercial video exhibiting the business’ raw, artistic expression.

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