Share A Box

Share A Box

Verta’s Contribution: Logo & Branding Design & Product Development Website Creation Videography Product Photography Community Event

When a dream to change lives comes to life itself.

Share-A-Box is an Ontario-based, family-focused subscription box company that focuses on creating an educational and engaging experience for children while sharing that opportunity with other families that may not have the same privilege.

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We all deserve a helping hand.

Our team at Verta Marketing loves to do good for others. With every project, we collaborate on creating new and creative ways to impact the lives of people all over the world. The Verta Marketing team has taken personal initiative in creating a human brand that gives vibrant expression through designing a unique business model, brand, and ultimately a way to connect with the community.


Reaching hearts through a new way of business.

Within the subscription box industry there aren’t enough companies that have a socially responsible business model. For Share-A-Box, our vision was to help make donating to a Canadian families in need a much more reachable goal.

Verta Marketing has designed an intuitive product and package that can be conveniently sent right to the door of a customer who orders from the also custom-made Share-A-Box website. With a pleasant, sunset orange design and a sleek memorable logo, the visual look of the Share-A-Box package was born.


This developing company’s aim is to donate a toy from each box sold, and to do so, the Verta Marketing design team has developed a unique ‘mini-box’ which can be cut out of the original package and folded up to hold a toy that can then be personally sent to a recipient family.

Share-A-Box is a memorable e-commerce brand that families can rely on for quality products and have complete confidence knowing that they are creating a positive impact in their community by sharing a box and spreading the love.