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Website maintenance services

It is not just about building a great website. It is about maintaining it while making consistent improvements.

Ongoing website maintenance services

If your company is seeking reliable website maintenance technical support, we are the right team for that task. Verta Marketing developers are committed to providing ongoing website support services to upkeep your website and solve any problems that may arise. As an agency, we understand your investment in creating a website, and that it requires continuous maintenance.

Keeping your website up to date


The Verta Marketing team will dedicate itself to keep your website functional and secure. We will allow requested changes from you to add new images, delete page copy, modify a link, embed 3rd-party scripts, consistent backups, or security patches. Our website maintenance services offer what you need. 

Protect and secure

We will regularly monitor for any malware on the website, watch for any vulnerabilities, and keep your website protected at all times. 

Faster loading speed

As your development expert, we will implement all the best tools available in the market to keep your site running smoothly and efficiently.

Backup your site

We will implement a backup system for your website that ensures there is no data loss in the worst-case scenario. 

Improvements and upgrades

The development world offers regular upgrade options and new features that get launched every day. We will review these protocols regularly and implement them accordingly.