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Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Marketing Experts Outside Your Company

Many entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada, choose to hire independent professionals rather than full-time employees because the former provides several unique benefits to the business. This article outlines some of these benefits and shares tips on hiring contractor-based sales and marketing professionals.

Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Marketing Experts Outside Your Company

Why Hire Marketing Agencies & Freelance Sales and Marketing Professionals?

Agencies and Freelancers operate independently. They offer specific expertise, such as designing, writing, sales, and marketing. Agencies & Freelancers take projects from different clients and manage their schedules accordingly. If you’re looking for sales and marketing professionals in Toronto, hiring them through an agency or as a freelance professional offers several pros and cons.

The pros:

  • Minimal commitment. Hiring through month-to-month contract agencies like Verta lets you access sales and marketing expertise without having to commit to the professionals long-term, as you would with full-time staff.
  • Flexible rates. You can agree on rates based on the specific projects or tasks the agency or freelancers take on.
  • Large talent pool. The agency has access to a large pool of highly talented and motivated sales and marketing professionals that you can deploy almost immediately.

The downsides:

  • Limited control. Your oversight is limited because agencies and freelance professionals operate with significantly more autonomy than full-time employees.
  • Limited scope. A freelance workforce is relatively difficult to scale because expanding the scope of a freelancer’s work involves renegotiating your contract with them. Many agencies also don’t have programs in place for when the client wants more work done beyond the original scope of the work. 
  • Training and onboarding costs. Hiring agencies and freelance professionals often involve some up-front training and onboarding costs, which can add up if you frequently hire new freelancers. It’s important to hire an experienced team of professionals that you plan on working with within the long term. Transparent communication is key during this process. 

Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Marketing Experts Outside Your Company

How to Hire Freelance Sales and Marketing Professionals

Marketing Agencies and Freelancers vary widely in their expertise and rates. You want to hire freelance sales and marketing professionals who match your business’s needs and budget. There are different places to find talented agencies and freelancers to partner with.

  • Search on Google for the websites of “local marketing agencies”
  • Hire sales and marketing professionals through LinkedIn after reviewing their profiles.
  • Look for sales and marketing professionals through referrals by asking your trusted colleagues. 
  • Contact Verta Marketing and see how we can create a custom program for you that maximizes your agency-to-client relationships. 

When looking for sales and marketing professionals and agencies in Toronto, check for the following:

  • Ability to maintain meaningful relationships with key customers
  • Strong corporate communication skills
  • Experience selling products similar to yours
  • What digital tools for sales or marketing the agency has access to
  • A good culture fit for your company

Additionally, check their stats and client referrals to make sure they have a strong history of excellent performance.

Hire the Best Talent

Hiring agencies and freelance sales and marketing professionals can be a great addition to your workforce. With the right hiring strategy, you can find experts who meet or even exceed your expectations. Schedule a personalized demo today to learn how Verta Marketing can add value tailored to your organization’s specific needs.

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