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Branding and Graphic Designs for Business

Work with a top graphic design company and world-class designers to enhance your brand. Develop standout designs across both print and digital mediums.

Why are branding
and graphic design
important for business?

Branding and graphic design are key to a business’s identity and success. They’re like the business’s signature, helping it stand out and connect with customers. When your design catches someone’s eye, they pause and take notice of what you’re offering. PLUS, it tells your brand’s story clearly and stylishly, making it memorable. 

This clear storytelling helps your business feel relatable, building connections with your audience. In a world full of images and advertisements, great design ensures your business stays in people’s minds, forming lasting relationships with customers.

Latest Work


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Graphic Design

Experience unparalleled design with our 1 workstream package, specially crafted for perfection-seeking businesses. Offering unlimited designs and revisions, we tailor each project to fit your unique needs. Our team at Verta is dedicated to transforming your ideas into exceptional visual art and enhancing your brand’s identity. We combine creativity with precision to ensure every design not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Elevate your brand with Verta, where your vision becomes our masterpiece.

How to create the right logo?

Crafting a great logo is all about knowing your brand and who you want to reach. Keep it simple and easy to remember. 

At Verta Marketing, we excel in this—we know how to make logos that truly represent your brand and stick in people’s minds. Our team is committed to continuous improvement, actively seeking feedback to refine your logo until it exceeds your expectations.

Get unlimited graphic and branding designs with all our packages.

Our Graphic Design services offer unlimited custom designs for your company, allowing you to make as many revisions as needed until they’re perfect. You’ll also receive Adobe source files that are easy to use on any platform, making seamless to use across platforms.

Frequently Asked Questions


Availing the “All Services For One” or the “Your Complete Marketing Department” workstreams will automatically give you unlimited designs for 1 brand. Additionally, if you choose Graphic Design in our “Pick One Service” workstream, you will also get unlimited design and revisions for 1 brand.

You don’t need a contract to avail of our packages. You can get it every month or whenever the need arises. Although, we will be hoping to impress you enough to consider us for all your Marketing requirement needs.

This is perfectly fine. To make sure that they have the best and most appropriate designs for their campaigns, our clients usually change their minds especially when new ideas come in between campaigns. We understand this and are happy to do all the graphic design work. Remember, our Graphic Design and higher-tiered workstreams come with unlimited changes.

You will be assigned a dedicated Account Manager to assist you in your task creation. The same Account Manager will also be your main contact person, in case you have questions, suggestions, requests, etc.

You can email or call your account manager during Toronto office hours. We also use Slack for internal communications, so this can be used if you prefer. You can also book an appointment with your Account Manager with Google Meet

Of course! Our most basic plan includes monthly strategy calls. We will help you plan your design requirements so all the designs will be on time

Know more about our unlimited Graphic Design packages

Unlock endless creativity with our unlimited Graphic Design packages. Say goodbye to design constraints and hello to endless possibilities. Whether you’re a small business looking for consistent branding or a marketer in need of diverse visual content, our unlimited design services cater to all your needs.