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Your Go-To for Media Buying & Sales Automation

Want to boost your marketing? We’re here for you.

With our unlimited Media Buying and Sales Automation services and see just how easy it is to reach more people and get better results. We keep things simple, focusing on what really works to grow your presence and up your conversions.

Master Media Buying Across Platforms

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, or other platforms, we’ve got your back. Check out our services to put your brand on the map and maximise your reach and impact.

Facebook + Instagram (Meta) Ads

Leverage targeted ads that speak directly to your demographic.

Google Ads Implementation

Maximise visibility with high-converting ad placements


Automate your outreach and keep your sales funnel full.

Email &
SMS Marketing

Engage with your audience through personalized campaigns.


Facebook + Instagram (Meta) Ads

We create targeted strategies and micro-influencer content. Boost your ROI and reduce CPA, optimizing your budget for maximum results.

Comprehensive Content and Trend Research:
We meticulously research to pinpoint high-performing content that not only engages but also converts, setting the stage for impactful campaigns.

Harnessing Influencer-Generated Content:
Utilize influencer content to drastically cut CPAs by up to 90%. This approach not only saves costs but also boosts authenticity and engagement.

KPI-Focused Strategy:
Our strategies are crafted around key performance indicators, ensuring effective engagement with your target audience for measurable success.

Long-Term Performance Marketing Campaigns:
We design and execute campaigns that aim for sustained sales growth, ensuring that your advertising efforts have a lasting impact.

Expertise in Conversion Rate Optimization:
Our specialists optimize every aspect of your campaigns, maximizing ad performance and achieving superior conversion rates.


Influencer Marketing

Forget cookie-cutter tactics; embrace authentic micro-influencer content that gives your brand a genuine edge. Engage with impactful content and watch your ROI soar. Your ads deserve this upgrade.

Authentic Connections:
Our micro-influencers bring fresh, genuine voices that resonate deeply, cutting through the noise and forging authentic connections that are key to building trust and loyalty.

Case Study – Native:
Explore how Native leveraged User-Generated Content (UGC) to transform their campaigns. Our UGC strategy enhances consumer desire and builds social proof, significantly reducing CPA and increasing ROAS.

Strategic UGC Implementation:
We strategically utilize UGC to create engaging, relatable content that speaks directly to your audience, driving engagement, fostering authentic connections, and lowering CPAs.

Create Winning Meta Campaigns That Convert

We’re here to make sure your Meta ads pop, not flop. Expect content that grabs attention and campaigns that stick. We deliver the insights and impact you need to see your business goals met with precision

Compelling Content:
We craft conversion-driving content that breaks through ad fatigue, engaging your audience with creativity and impact.

Genuine Engagement:
Through influencer collaborations, we foster deep connections and lasting relationships with your target audience.

Enhanced Sponsored Ads:
Our ads enrich, not interrupt, enhancing every step of the customer journey with value-added experiences.

Actionable Insights:
Receive detailed, insightful reports from each campaign, offering performance metrics and strategic guidance for future efforts.


Google Ads Agency

Let our Google Ads experts fine-tune your campaigns. From comprehensive analysis to smart bidding strategies, we know what it takes to deliver results that matter. Because when it comes to Google, every click is a potential conversion.

Comprehensive Competitor Analysis:
We check out your competitors’ strategies to give you the upper hand in every campaign.

Branded and Non-Branded Campaigns:
Tailored solutions that resonate with your brand’s voice and appeal to your target audience.

Alpha Beta & Smart Broad Initiatives:
Strategic bidding strategies that optimise your spend and maximise returns.

International Expansions:
We take your brand global with campaigns designed to resonate in diverse markets.

Experimental Projects:
Pushing the boundaries with innovative approaches to test new waters and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

We’re Google Ads Experts

Step up your game with our Google Ads strategies. We analyze data deeply, adjust bids in real-time, and create targeted ads that drive both performance and conversions.


Select high-performing keywords to target your ideal audience precisely and optimize campaign effectiveness.


Analyze competitors’ strategies to gain insights that improve your campaigns.

Automated Bid

Use advanced real-time bidding to optimize ad spend and maximize ROI.

Granular &
Broad Retargeting

Deploy tailored retargeting strategies to re-engage specific audiences and broaden reach.

Ad Copy

Craft compelling ad copy that enhances click-through and conversion rates.


Manage your budget strategically to maximize impact and adhere to guidelines.

Search Term

Provide detailed search term reports to refine and optimize keyword strategies.

Quality Score

Implement tactics to increase quality scores, improving placements and reducing costs.


Integrate Google Tag Manager seamlessly for enhanced tracking and insights.

New Beta

Test and adopt Google Ads’ newest features early to keep your campaigns cutting-edge.


Integrate Google Analytics for comprehensive analysis of user behavior and campaign metrics.

YouTube Ads
Campaign Management

Manage YouTube ad campaigns expertly from video creation to optimization.


Track key conversion metrics precisely to measure campaign success and ROI accurately.


Systematically test ad variations to identify the most effective strategies.

Shopping Feed

Optimize Google Shopping feeds for accurate listings and maximum exposure.

Display Campaign

Manage campaigns with strategic oversight to target demographics and maximize engagement.


LinkedIn Automation

Say goodbye to cold calling. Our LinkedIn Automation tools and expert team handle the legwork, qualifying leads so your sales team can focus on closing. Efficiency is just the beginning.

Lead Generation and Qualification:
No more wasted time on unproductive leads. Our technology-driven approach ensures you only deal with the most promising prospects

Technology Plus Human Insight:
Our follow-up process combines the best of technology and human expertise. Utilising cutting-edge LinkedIn Automation technology, alongside our highly trained team, we monitor and qualify leads, ensuring high quality at every step.

Targeted Engagement:
Our proven strategies are designed to engage your most qualified decision-makers directly, driving them seamlessly into your sales funnel and significantly boosting your conversion rates.

How LinkedIn Automation Works?

Target, engage, and convert. Our system is designed to find and connect with your ideal prospects efficiently. We handle the messaging; you close the deals. It’s that simple.
Prospect Lists

Generate highly targeted lists of ideal prospects using advanced techniques, ensuring meaningful connections.


Craft and send personal messages that resonate and encourage responses, boosting engagement and conversion chances.

Messaging at Scale

Efficiently send thousands of tailored messages monthly, maintaining personalization while reaching a broad audience.


Stay updated with instant alerts when leads respond, enabling swift actions to close deals effectively.


Email and SMS Marketing

Step up your marketing with our precision-driven email and SMS campaigns. In a crowded digital space, we ensure your brand stands out. Our targeted, personalized messages foster deep connections with your audience, driving high engagement and robust returns. Ready to experience the impact of strategic communication on your brand’s visibility?

Tailored Messaging:
Create personalized messages that resonate with your audience, mirroring your brand’s unique voice and goals.

High-Conversion Campaigns:
Launch campaigns designed to convert readers into customers through tactics that boost engagement and drive conversions.

Strategic Timing and Segmentation:
Deliver messages at optimal times to the right segments, enhancing the effectiveness of each campaign.

Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting:
Track every interaction to refine and enhance your marketing strategies continually.

Integrated Campaigns:
Integrate email and SMS seamlessly into your overall digital strategy, ensuring consistent and cohesive brand messaging.

Key Benefits

Increased Engagement:
Engage customers with compelling content that captures attention and encourages interaction.

Enhanced ROI:
Leverage our expertise to create campaigns that deliver measurable returns on your marketing investments

Scalable Solutions:
From small businesses to large enterprises, our scalable solutions cater to all levels of need and complexity

Automation and Efficiency
Automate routine communications and focus on creating deeper connections with your audience.


Email Marketing

Boost your brand’s impact with our strategic email marketing. Email marketing delivers an impressive ROI of $40 for every $1 spent. At Verta Marketing, we optimize this potential by crafting campaigns that resonate deeply with your audience.

Strategy Audit

Assess and refine your strategies to boost effectiveness.

Tailored Creatives

Ensure every email reflects your brand’s unique voice and personality.

Strategic Implementation

Execute your campaigns with precision for maximum impact.

Email Marketing Copywriting:
Craft engaging, conversion-oriented copy.

Email Design:
Create visually appealing, universally compatible emails.

Email Development:
Develop responsive and dependable emails for all devices.

Campaign Management
and Coordination:

Manage and synchronize campaigns for best results.

What Sets Us

Here at Verta Marketing, we dig deep into your brand’s story and goals to tailor email strategies that really hit the mark. We’re not just sending out emails. We’re creating connections that last and grow. Every strategy, every email, every line we write is aimed at opening up more conversations and closing more deals.



Our automated emails—from welcome messages to reminders—ensure your customers feel valued, all with minimal effort on your part.


Engage your audience regularly with perfectly timed and targeted updates and news, keeping the conversation lively and relevant.


We customize communications to resonate distinctly with different segments, crafting messages that directly address your customers’ interests.


Optimize customer engagement with automated emails designed to nurture and convert, from initial greetings to timely reminders.

Know More About Our Unlimited Media Buying Services

With our unlimited Media Buying plans, there’s no cap on what you can achieve when we put our full suite of resources behind your campaigns. We strategize, you capitalize.

We do more than just place ads—we meticulously craft strategies that place your brand in the spotlight,
ensuring every campaign reaches the right audience and delivers maximum ROI.

Whether it’s digital, print, or multimedia, our approach guarantees to enhance your campaign’s performance across all platforms, our strategies are designed to elevate your campaign’s performance on every front that delivers serious ROI.

Strategic Optimization:
Constant refinement ensures our campaigns adapt to market shifts and audience trends for peak performance.

Comprehensive Solutions:
We offer end-to-end media buying services, from conception to analysis, covering all campaign aspects.

Cross-Platform Integration:
Effortlessly blend campaigns across digital and traditional platforms, maximizing reach and engagement.

Tailor-Made Campaigns:
Crafted to meet your business’s exact needs, ensuring precise alignment with your marketing objectives.