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Verta Marketing publishes articles and blog posts that cover everything to do with content, communications, copywriting, public relations, sales and marketing. Readers will find relevant insights and thought leadership, trends and analysis, case studies, best practices, resources as well as recent news and updates regarding Verta and its brands to help you navigate the world through a focused sales and marketing lens.
Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Marketing Experts Outside Your Company

Achieve Your Goals by Hiring Marketing Experts Outside Your Company

Many entrepreneurs in Toronto, Canada, choose to hire independent professionals rather than full-time employees because the former provides several unique benefits to the business.
How to Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

How to Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

The gig economy is booming. If you’re not already taking advantage of this growing culture, you are missing out. Whether you are just looking to diversify your income or are hoping to become a full-time freelancer, beginning with small gigs is a great way to dive in.
Pros and Cons: Should I hire a marketing agency or an in-house marketing staff?

Pros And Cons: Should I Hire A Marketing Agency Or In-House Marketing Staff?

Making the correct choice between hiring a marketing agency or employees can make or break your company. Get more out of your marketing with an agency by having access to a wide variety of experiences, skillsets and expertise.
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Verta’s Token Pricing Model: Reshaping the traditional agency model for the better

What are the flaws and disadvantages to these traditional pricing models? Our innovative pricing method is another aspect of how we contribute to accountable and transparent service that is simple and with absolutely no conditions.