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Video & Animation

Take your business to the next level by producing professional and creative content that sells your business’ story. Enjoy our unlimited video editing services by choosing the right workstream!

Types Of Video And
Media Services We Offer

We operate all across southern Ontario and supply video marketing services for the top brands across Canada. We dedicate our time fully to each task, always showing your company in stunning detail with proven solutions.

Business Introduction Videos

We craft professional introduction videos that encapsulate your brand’s essence, perfect for your homepage and key presentations.

Video Interviews

Our interviews spotlight your unique services and role, enhancing your brand identity with every frame.

Product Demonstration Videos

Rely on our extensive experience to create compelling videos that demonstrate the essential features and benefits of your products.

Video Testimonials

We merge powerful client testimonials into a single narrative, building confidence and illustrating the impact of your business.

Product Overview Videos

Our videos outshine static images and text by delivering comprehensive information that boosts consumer confidence.

Animated Videos

Specializing in animated content, we translate complex ideas into clear, engaging videos that highlight key messages and drive sales.

Content Series

We create captivating episodic content that transforms your marketing into an immersive experience, keeping viewers eager for more.

Explainer Videos

Turn intricate information into engaging explainer videos that captivate and inform your audience in a digestible format.

Social Media Videos

Our social media videos are crafted to go viral, dramatically increasing engagement and drawing more attention to your brand.

Branded Videos

Develop a strong, trusted brand image with our videos that enhance brand awareness and foster consumer loyalty.

Whiteboard Video Narratives

Educate and engage your audience effectively with our whiteboard videos, designed for clarity and easy sharing.

Video Commercials

We produce striking commercials for social media, YouTube, and Google Ads that captivate viewers and ignite interest.

Creative Videos That Support Your Strategy

Lower your CPA through result-driven Meta Advertising

Our team believes that video marketing for your business is integral to attracting more customers, and getting them to believe in your product.

At Verta Marketing, we integrate our web video production as part of our digital strategy for maximum brand awareness. We rely on real-world case studies to bring forth the best strategies in digital marketing.

Experts In All Areas Of Video Production

It has been proven that Video Marketing has the highest sales conversion in comparison to other media. Video marketing drives sales, due to its high shareability, creating a form of word-of-mouth marketing that can spread like wildfire.

Discover how Native harnessed the power of User-Generated Content (UGC) ads to elevate their campaign repeatedly. Disruptive advertising can overwhelm your audience and erode ROI, but our UGC-powered approach builds desire and social proof, driving down CPAs and elevating your Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)

Our expert team focuses on key elements of superior video marketing to produce captivating content:


Crafting narratives that engage and resonate.


Creating compelling content that prompts action.

Motion Design and Graphics Animation:

Dynamic animations and effects that bring visuals to life.

Color Correction

Ensuring visual consistency with precise adjustments.

Creative Thinking

Innovative methods to enhance your brand.

Distribution Strategy

Strategic planning to effectively target your audience.

Video Editing

Transforming raw footage into polished visuals.

Graphics Animation

Adding visual flair and engagement with animated graphics

Voice Over

Professional narration to boost storytelling and brand identity.

We’ve developed specialized strategies across different industries to produce cinematic scenes that are sure to impress.

Our Process

When your business needs an online video, 
we follow a streamlined process to ensure exceptional results.


We initiate an in-depth discussion to capture your vision and set clear expectations.


Next, we develop a tailored plan, integrating feedback from all key stakeholders.


Our experienced team manages filming and directing, ensuring a smooth production experience.


We then refine the footage through meticulous editing to produce a polished final product.


Finally, we analyze engagement and feedback to optimize the content for maximum impact.

Frequently Asked Questions


Video is a powerful tool for conveying messages due to its engaging nature and widespread appeal across age groups. With internet accessibility at an all-time high, video marketing has become essential for businesses to reach wider audiences and boost sales effectively.

The ideal video strategy varies based on audience demographics and business goals. Our experts tailor strategies to fit your unique needs, suggesting strategies like product videos for e-commerce, social media videos for construction, and explainer videos for B2B firms.

Video ad length depends on the content and goals. Branded videos are typically shorter (30 seconds to 5 minutes), while interviews or detailed content can range from 10 minutes to over 30 minutes. Our team determines the optimal length for maximum impact.

Begin by defining the type of video, its theme, and the desired outcome. Whether it’s showcasing products or conveying a specific message, our team crafts videos that align with your vision and elevate your marketing efforts.

Unlimited full Video and Animation that will transform your brand.

Unlock the full potential of your brand with our unlimited full video and animation services. From captivating storytelling to dynamic motion design, we specialize in creating compelling visual content that resonates with your audience and sets your brand apart.

Let us help you transform your marketing efforts and elevate your brand presence with high-quality video and animation that leaves a lasting impact.