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The Best Fractional CMO Companies in Canada [Updated for 2024]


From Verta Marketing

The Best Fractional CMO Companies in Canada

Most SMEs in Canada don’t have the budget to hire a full-time Chief Market Officer (CMO), costing an annual salary of over C$150K. If you’re in the same boat, looking for top-tier marketing leadership without the burden of a full-time executive, it’s time to consider a fractional CMO.

Fractional CMOs unlock high-impact strategy and execution skills at a fraction of the cost, making them a go-to choice for growing or budget-conscious companies.

If you’re ready to transform your marketing, it’s time to explore the best fractional CMOs in Canada and see why Verta consistently leads the way.

Notable clients: BMW, Crown Capital Group, Ontario Ministry of Tourism, Culture & Sport, Lumacare, Onsite Power Partners

Verta Marketing is the best fractional CMO in Canada. The company isn’t just a fractional CMO provider; it’s a comprehensive marketing powerhouse acting as a natural extension of your team.

Consider our success in ranking at the top of search results for “Best Fractional CMO Companies in Canada”. This should be enough to showcase our expertise. Founded in 2017 as Stud Monkey Media, Verta’s strategic restructures, like that in 2020, demonstrate a commitment to evolving alongside their clients, ensuring sustained excellence in delivery.

From strategic guidance by the best fractional CMO in Canada to skilled execution in a range of essential fields, Verta delivers on a few key promises:

Varied Expertise: They offer in-house talent for services like digital advertising, VFX animation, graphic design, experiential marketing, and social media advertising – a seamless extension of your capabilities.

  • Unique, Impactful Campaigns: Forget cookie-cutter approaches. Verta invests time in deeply understanding your objectives and crafting campaigns tailored to deliver outstanding results.
  • Relentless Dedication: Client success is Verta’s core focus. Expect clear communication, a partnership mindset, and an unwavering commitment to helping you achieve your goals.
  • Team-Backed CMO Power: Unlike standard fractional CMO models where support is limited, Verta’s CMO taps into the expertise of their in-house team, leveraging specialists to maximize efficiency and deliver outstanding results.
  • End-to-end Solutions: This saves you time and hassle compared to sourcing support from multiple vendors or building an in-house team from scratch.
  • Success through Collaboration: Verta’s client testimonials consistently highlight their dedication to understanding unique needs and their commitment to close collaboration throughout every project.

Consider Verta Marketing If

  • You seek a full-service partner offering CMO-level strategy and in-house capabilities across various marketing disciplines.
  • You desire a team-backed approach where your dedicated CMO collaborates closely with specialists, maximizing expertise and efficiency on your projects.
  • Your goal is data-driven, impactful campaigns tailored to your business objectives, not cookie-cutter marketing solutions.

2. Seroka Industrial Branding: Innovators in Results-Driven Marketing

Seroka stands apart in Canada’s fractional CMO landscape with its commitment to innovation and a proven track record of successful business transformations.  

Headquartered in Vancouver and led by seasoned Six Sigma Lean Black Belt professional Scott Seroka, the company prioritizes quality, flexibility, and strategic vision in its marketing solutions. What sets Seroka apart:

  • Focus on Powerful Branding: Seroka understands the power of impactful brands and helps businesses forge strong identities that resonate with their audience.
  • The Seroka Six-Step Approach: This structured process provides a clear roadmap, starting with in-depth analysis and culminating in actionable execution plans.
  • Emphasis on Simplicity and Effectiveness: Seroka avoids confusing marketing jargon, opting for direct solutions tailored to clients’ specific needs.
  • Varied Expertise: Seroka offers services, including brand assessment, strategic workshops, competitive analysis, and marketing plan development, providing a comprehensive foundation for successful business transformation.

Consider Seroka Industrial Branding If

  • If your business seeks to refine its brand messaging and boost impact through comprehensive marketing, Seroka offers a structured yet innovative path forward.
  • Sectors that may especially benefit from Seroka’s approach include those where streamlined operational effectiveness and clear market differentiation are vital.

3. SaaS Expertise With CMO Leadership specializes in Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing and project-based model connecting companies to highly skilled CMOs.  Their focused understanding of the landscape is valuable if you’re in the SaaS industry.

  • Varied Expertise: offers specialized services for SaaS companies, including customer analysis, competitor research, product positioning, market channel strategy, and data-driven growth marketing for a comprehensive approach.
  • Dedicated CMO Experience: provides direct access to experienced CMO-level leadership rather than just fractional services, ensuring senior strategic vision in your marketing.
  • Manage the Full Scope: Their CMOs can lead in-house teams, drive results-oriented execution, and craft comprehensive growth strategies.
  • SaaS Specialization: understands the unique needs and challenges of marketing SaaS products, offering strategies tailored to this dynamic sector.

Consider If

  • Your SaaS company requires deep market and competitive analysis alongside strategically focused, high-level marketing leadership.
  • You seek a partner who understands the complex sales cycles and product evolution unique to the SaaS business model.

4. WSI World:  Smart Marketing Solutions on a Budget

If marketing costs are a major concern, WSI World makes an appealing contender for fractional CMO services in Canada.  Focusing on strategic, results-driven marketing for budget-minded businesses, they aim to make expert CMO guidance accessible.

  • Varied Services: WSI World’s expertise centers on digital marketing essentials, including website design, social media marketing, video marketing, and marketing automation tools.
  • Cost-Effective CMO Expertise: Avoid a full-time CMO salary while harnessing strategic oversight and experienced marketing execution from experienced consultants.
  • Focus on Measurable Results: WSI World emphasizes effective solutions to track success against business goals, ensuring your investment has an impact.
  • Comprehensive Digital Focus: Their skillset covers core digital marketing tactics, essential for many businesses seeking growth.

Consider WSI World If

  • Your business needs affordable yet proven marketing guidance to build a strong digital presence.
  • You have clear target metrics requiring marketing strategy support to achieve those goals.

5. Marketri:  Experienced Fractional CMOs and Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

With nearly two decades in the field, Marketri has solidified its position as a fractional CMO leader in Canada and North America.   If established expertise and a wide range of integrated marketing services are essential to you, Marketri is certainly worth consideration.

  • Depth of Experience: Founded in 2004, Marketri brings a well-established track record and adaptability honed over time to their fractional CMO and marketing support.
  • Comprehensive Range: From high-level planning and CMO leadership to executional capabilities in digital marketing and sales support, Marketri offers varied solutions under one roof.
  • US and Canada Focus: Their experience in both markets may benefit cross-border companies requiring localized marketing approach adjustments.

Consider Marketri If

  • You seek seasoned marketing strategists who can lead and execute campaigns tailored to your business objectives.
  • Your growth strategy targets Canadian and US markets, leveraging their understanding of nuances in each landscape.

6. Kalungi:  Fractional CMO Leadership for SaaS Growth

Kalungi shines among fractional CMO providers with its dedication to the Software as a Service (SaaS) sector. Founded by experts Stijn Hendrikse and Fadi George, they bring deep understanding of this unique business model to bear on your marketing growth.

  • SaaS Specialization: If driving growth for your SaaS company is the top priority, Kalungi’s focused expertise aligns seamlessly with your industry-specific needs.
  • Beyond the CMO: Kalungi tackles more than just strategy; they streamline operations, coach internal teams, and help architect ‘growth engines’ built for long-term success.
  • Flexible Model: Their range of CMO services, from leadership to coaching, allows scaling of support levels as your SaaS business itself evolves.
  • Services Offered:  Kalungi offers specialized SaaS marketing services, including fractional CMO leadership, operations streamlining, CMO coaching, growth engine development, and marketing team support.

Consider Kalungi If

  • Your SaaS company seeks a partner who deeply understands this specific model’s marketing nuances, sales funnels, and customer growth patterns.
  • You need more than fractional leadership; scaling your marketing team or refining workflows is equally as critical for optimal growth.

7. Valenta: CMO Solutions for Growing Businesses

Valenta is a strong fractional CMO partner for small and mid-sized Canadian businesses. With their dedicated focus on strategic leadership and scalable support, they offer solutions adaptable to different stages of company growth.

  • Services Offered: Valenta offers fractional CMO leadership alongside expertise in  SEM, branding, lead generation, content analysis and marketing, and project management essentials.
  • SMB Specialization: Their track record of helping smaller and scaling businesses indicates a good fit for those who have outgrown ad-hoc marketing, but don’t need enterprise-level resources yet.
  • CMO Plus Execution: Valenta provides the dual benefit of both fractional CMO guidance and the ability to assist with implementing key marketing tactics.
  • Flexible Engagement: They emphasize scalable models, indicating support ranges from short-term to long-term needs as your business needs change.

Consider Valenta If

  • You own a growing business needing immediate support for strategic marketing direction and practical execution.
  • Your goals require agility in budget and scope of marketing effort, and Valenta’s adaptable engagements suit those needs well.

8. RankHammer: Data-Driven Strategies and CMO Expertise

RankHammer stands out as a fractional CMO solution provider with a keen emphasis on analytics, automation, and tackling diverse digital marketing challenges.  Founded by Steve and Nathan, their approach uniquely prioritizes leveraging technology to generate impactful results.

  • Services Offered: RankHammer provides a broad mix of marketing solutions, including analytics,  performance advertising (Facebook, Google, etc.), conversion optimization, digital strategy, fractional CMO services, and inbound marketing.
  • Technical Edge: If your marketing heavily relies on data analysis or complex campaigns, RankHammer’s automation and analytics focus could be a compelling factor.
  • Comprehensive Marketing Scope: Their blend of strategic CMO leadership and hands-on execution capabilities positions them to support multiple facets of your marketing plan.
  • Results Orientation: RankHammer’s dedication to conversion optimization signals a data-informed approach emphasizing measurable, targeted outcomes.

Consider RankHammer If

  • Your business seeks a fractional CMO or marketing partner with an analytics-driven mindset and the technical skills to optimize campaigns efficiently.
  • You require solutions that cross disciplines, for example, needing strategy guidance (from their CMO) as well as support executing and refining performance advertising.

9. Able and Howe:  Build Internal Marketing Excellence with Expert  Guidance

Able and Howe offer a distinctive approach to fractional CMO services in Canada. Their In-source Marketing Model focuses on building self-sufficient marketing capabilities within your existing team rather than solely offering external execution. This makes them unique among the contenders on our list.

  • Services Offered: Able and Howe offers three core in-source solutions: Fractional Marketing Team support, Fractional CMO guidance, and  Fractional Marketing Director & Strategist (MDS) expertise.
  • Emphasis on Empowerment: If your goal is long-term marketing independence, Able and Howe fosters in-house knowledge transfer alongside strategy for sustainable growth.
  • Scalable Model: Whether you need team-level support, C-suite marketing strategy, or both, they tailor their offering to your evolving internal capabilities.
  • Transferable Leadership: Their philosophy centers on shared skills, indicating a dedication to developing your in-house marketing leaders from within.

Consider Able and Howe If

  • You require strategic CMO-level leadership but equally prioritize scaling the skills and knowledge of your current marketing team.
  • Marketing costs are a concern, and building internal capability could provide long-term savings over ongoing external support.

FAQ: Fractional CMOs in Canada

What is a fractional CMO?

A fractional CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) offers senior-level marketing expertise on a part-time or flexible contract basis. Unlike a traditional CMO role, this model brings top-tier strategy and leadership skills to businesses without the expense of a full-time executive salary.

How much does a fractional CMO cost in Canada?

Fees for fractional CMOs in Canada vary widely based on experience level, project scope, and the agency/consultant you work with. That said, costs are typically significantly lower than hiring a full-time CMO. You might pay hourly, on a retainer model, or a project-specific fee.

How do I hire a part-time CMO?

Here’s a simplified process:

  1. Define Needs: What does your business need (strategy, campaign execution, etc.)? This guides your search.
  2. Research Options: Find agencies or consultants specializing in your industry and service needs.
  3. Vet Candidates: Review portfolios, look for proven success in areas essential to you.
  4. Culture Fit: Interview to assess skills and if they’d mesh well with your company’s working style.

CMO vs. Marketing Director: What’s the difference?

They both lead marketing efforts, but with key distinctions:

  • CMO: Sets the overall strategic vision, aligns marketing with company-wide goals, and often manages larger budgets and teams.
  • Marketing Director: Typically focuses on executing tactics within the CMO’s strategy and might have fewer direct reports.

Can a CMO become a CEO?

Absolutely! CMOs develop a deep understanding of customer needs, markets, and strategy, which all translate well to overall company leadership.  A CMO becoming CEO isn’t a guaranteed path, but their broad business perspectives certainly make it a realistic career trajectory.

Verta: Your Fractional CMO In Canada

Looking for a reliable fractional CMO who can offer quality marketing services at a fraction of the cost of hiring an in-house CMO? Verta Marketing provides Canada’s best fractional CMO services and is the ideal partner to meet your unique marketing needs.

At Verta Marketing, we have over 6 years of marketing experience working with top clients from various industries. From hospitality to construction, production to trade, there is no industry where we’ve not stamped our authority!

Book a consultation today, and let’s get started on your success journey.

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