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verta case study

Onsite power partners

Onsite Power Partners, with offices in Mississauga and Calgary, is an energy solutions company that focuses on reducing carbon footprint and lowering businesses’ monthly utility costs. They specialize in an on-site power management program designed in a way where Onsite Power covers all of the upfront costs associated with installing and maintaining the generators. Client’s of Onsite Power continue to only pay for the energy that you use. This is pure cost saving without any risks or changes to the client’s day to day operations. The difference is that due to the efficiency created by the CHP on-site generator, a typical client’s energy costs are reduced by 15%, saving them 10s of thousands of dollars year by year. Clients also benefit from having a powerful backup generator for power outages.

Clients needs and

Marketing solutions

Verta prioritized the organization’s online footprint and created marketing content to promote its purpose and value. We launched the organization’s brand-new website, creating copy from FAQs, UX design and blog content.

We were also responsible for building a sales infrastructure that consisted of lead generation, automation and an integrated selling strategy that has produced tangible results.

Our overall branding journey with Onsite Power included research packages on the energy landscape and its competitive advantage, creative brainstorming, peer reviews and stringent design standard approvals to better position the company against prominent players in the market.