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Here’s our pick of Canada’s 5 Best Marketing Agencies for Email Marketing

Email marketing sounds simple, right? Just send out some emails and wait for the magic to happen. But if you’ve ever tried it, you know there’s more to the story. It’s like trying to speak a language you’re not fluent in – you might get some words right, but the real message gets lost in translation.

Here’s the deal: you’ve got a business to run, products to develop, a team to manage – the list goes on. Adding ‘become an email marketing guru’ to that list? That’s a tough ask. And let’s be honest, keeping your subscribers interested and engaged is a full-time job in itself. It’s not just about sending emails; it’s about sending the right emails to the right people at the right time.

Now, imagine if you could have a partner who speaks this complex language fluently. That’s where a top-notch Canadian email marketing agency comes in. These pros live and breathe email marketing. They know how to craft messages that resonate with your audience, use lead magnets effectively, and create content that keeps your subscribers eagerly waiting for your next email.

But here’s the best part: they do all this heavy lifting while saving you time and money. Instead of pouring resources into training your team or trial-and-error methods, these agencies bring their expertise and experience, guaranteeing results without the headache.

In short, partnering with the right email marketing agency can transform your digital marketing strategy, turning emails into powerful tools for customer engagement and loyalty. Let’s dive into the top 5 Canada’s finest agencies that can help you nail this crucial aspect of your marketing strategy.

Choosing the Best Email Marketing Agency in Canada

Creating an effective email marketing campaign requires time and expertise. Entrusting this task to an email marketing company can take the burden off your in-house team and yield results for your business. But how do you identify the ideal email marketing company in Canada for your specific needs?

Here are seven valuable factors to consider in selecting the most suitable email marketing partner.

  • Evaluate Portfolios: Look for email marketing companies that showcase their work samples, specifically highlighting their expertise in crafting effective email marketing campaigns tailored to your industry.
  • Tools and Software: Inquire about the email tools they use. Opt for companies with reliable, integrated software for efficient campaign management.
  • Ask Key Questions: Engage with potential companies by asking insightful questions about their business operations and approach to structuring your campaign.
  • Team Evaluation: Check the skills and experience of the team managing your campaign. Make sure they have the expertise needed to get the job done and achieve great results.
  • Aligning Values: Partner with companies whose values align with yours to foster a long-standing, mutually compatible collaboration.
  • Transparent Pricing: The best email marketing company should provide clear pricing details online. Set a budget and choose a company whose services and pricing match your budget.
  • Scope Additional Services: Consider agencies that offer supplementary services beyond email marketing. Additional services allow you to seamlessly expand your digital marketing efforts for a more holistic campaign.

The 5 Best Email Marketing Agencies in Canada

To get the best email marketing agencies in Canada, we looked at different websites, what they offer, their success stories, and what clients think of their email campaigns. Here are the best ones we found.

Based in: Toronto, Ontario

Notable clients: Onsite Power Partners, BMW, Modern Mommy Events.

Established initially as Stud Monkey Media in 2017, Verta Marketing Inc., has grown rapidly to become one of the leading email marketing companies in Canada. They handle everything in email campaigns, including designing emails for clients, creating email content, and checking how well email marketing campaigns perform.

Verta Marketing has an in-house software, SageVerta, which has transformed its marketing approach. This tool helps manage tasks more efficiently, leading to better organization and client management. It has improved its campaigns by providing valuable insights and faster decision-making, elevating Verta Marketing’s services to new levels in the industry.

Apart from email marketing, Verta Marketing offers various services to meet diverse client needs. These include digital advertising, website design, graphic design, video production, and more. The wide range of services ensures that Verta provides a holistic approach to digital marketing, making it a go-to marketing destination for businesses seeking a strong online presence.

Based in: Oakville, Toronto

Notable clients: MYKONOS Services, Executive Concierge Services

Raccooneyes is a full-service digital marketing agency that offers marketing solutions to online businesses in Canada and beyond. Besides creating targeted email campaigns that drive traffic to online stores and websites, Raccooneyes specializes in SEO, social advertising, website design, branding sales, and PPC.

This b2b email marketing company was formed by Alex Lions, who is a self-taught SEO expert. It has been in operation for over a decade, working with more than 200 companies of different sizes ranging from startups to major brands. During this time, Raccooneyes has been using data-driven strategies to help brands grow their online presence and acquire more targeted customers.

Based in: Montreal, Canada

Notable clients: Soup Agency, SLT Consulting, Aspire Marketing Group

BlueHat is a digital marketing agency that was started in 2005 by Fadi Azba. The firm helps businesses with their email marketing campaigns by offering software, tools, and expert guidance to make email marketing a top money-making channel.

The company’s experts handle everything from strategy, design, testing, optimization, and day-to-day campaign execution. With a focus on maximizing results, BlueHat ensures email campaigns are customized and optimized for success, making it a trusted resource for companies seeking effective email marketing solutions.

Besides being good with email marketing and search engine optimization, BlueHat does a lot more, including building websites, managing social media, and running online ads. Over its 17 years of existence, BlueHat has helped many businesses succeed online and is among the notable email marketing companies in Canada.

Based in: Toronto, Canada

Notable clients: Atom Technology Inc., One Stop Appliance Repair

Edkent Media is a top digital marketing company that stands out in the crowded email marketing industry. The company was started in 2014 by Eddie Madan and Kenny Tripura when they saw how brands were missing out on digital marketing’s power and decided to change that narrative.

Focused on delivering real SEO results, Eddie and Kenny built a brand known for its professionalism and strategy. Over the years, Edkent Media has grown to offer more services including email marketing, website design, social media marketing, and content marketing.

At Edkent Media, they’re all about innovative ideas and making sure clients see real, understandable results. They do this through creating targeted behavior-focused email marketing campaigns. Their email marketing services include building responsive email designs, creating email content, automating email marketing, and managing email lists.

Based in: Vancouver, Canada

Notable clients: Savas Labs, Unleashed Technologies

Established in 2019 by Ron Shalevich, Vivid Strategy is a digital email marketing company in Canada driven by crafting tailored strategies for businesses of all sizes. Their mission is to turn client ideas into reality, no matter how big or small. At the heart of their approach is a dedication to customized solutions, integrity, and adaptability.

Vivid Strategy’s commitment to collaboration ensures that clients actively participate in every project phase, fostering a partnership that drives success, including top-notch B2B email marketing services catered for Canadian businesses.

Besides email marketing, Vivid Strategy offers SEO services, social media management, web design, and branding. The company harnesses the latest technology and tools to acquire data insights that are crucial for developing efficient strategies that drive results.

Why Choose Verta as Your Email Marketing Partner in Canada

Verta is not your usual email marketing agency; our expertise in email marketing sets us apart in Canada. We work hand in hand with our clients, seamlessly fitting into their marketing strategies. Our track record speaks for itself, showcasing our diverse skills.

Our team’s strength lies in being flexible and meeting each client’s unique needs. Whether you are a startup looking to grow your email list or a big brand with an established email list, we can provide you with the right strategies to meet your email marketing goals. At Verta, we’re all about data-driven plans and advanced software for smooth management and clear operations.

Keen to learn more about our methods? Give us a call, and we’ll walk you through how we can tailor our solutions for your business. Verta Marketing is your go-to choice for top-notch email marketing services in Canada.

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