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Social Media Advertising

Paid Social Media Advertising that drives sales and revenue


Verta Marketing Inc. is a leading social media marketing agency with a strong focus to drive new business opportunities for our clients. Whether you are looking to drive leads to gain market share or enhance your branding efforts, our social media advertising services are prepared to support your goals.

End-to-end social media advertising management

Collaborate with our digital advertising experts to drive traffic and conversions. We offer a flat-rate fee based on advertising spend. All fees are priced in tokens. You as our client can expect an end-of-month report each month outlining transparent results so that you know exactly how your money is being spent.
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Targeted digital advertising


Smart digital advertising allows you to maximize your audience targeting by allowing you to connect with people by gender, language, location, age, interest, and much more. All this is designed so that you can achieve powerful results while using your advertising dollars as efficiently as possible.

Social remarketing


According to “The Rule of Seven”, a typical customer takes on average 7 times to see an ad before they take action. Social media remarketing allows us to do just that by aligning our marketing funnel so that the same people who expressed interest in our advertisement but hesitated to take action the first few times are the ones that see different versions of our ad. A carefully curated remarketing funnel also recognizes when and how much of our ads to show to a given audience. 

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Advertisements that speak beyond just a return on investment


At Verta Marketing, our goal is to work with each client individually to meet objectives that are unique to them. This means taking the time to understand the business that our clients are in and creating custom campaigns around them.

Our team is proud to have worked with clients in a multitude of industries and have delivered results that many of our clients have considered above and beyond. We will further support our client’s ROI through extensive data reports designed for full accountability.

Social media advertising pricing and details

Connect with our Marketing Strategist to get custom prices on social media advertising for your company.