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Video production services

Take your business to the next level by producing professional and creative content that sells your business’ story.

Types of video and media services we offer


We operate all across southern Ontario and supply video marketing services for the top brands across Canada. We dedicate our time fully to each task, always showing your company in stunning detail with proven solutions.


Business introduction videos

We will produce a thorough introduction video that will capture the essence of your brand professionally. This is sometimes referred to as a homepage video, cornerstone video, or overview video.

Video interviews

An expression of your role and excellent service that can be best portrayed by a video interview. Our team is capable of producing a video that will excite you and your customers while strengthening your brand’s identity.

Product demonstration videos

Videos that illustrate the importance of a product have been around for many decades, and remain an integral part of online sales in the present. We have a great experience with creating a video that highlights perfectly all aspects of your product.

Video Testimonials

At Verta Marketing, we can bring together strong testimonials from clients into a cohesive montage that tells the story of your business. This is a great showcase that can bring confidence to future clients.

Product overview videos

There is a great difference when it comes to marketing videos in comparison to images or texts. Videos convey more information, ultimately giving confidence to clients.

Animated videos

In addition to other video types, our team also specializes in animated videos. This allows for the depiction of complex ideas in an easy-to-understand format for viewers while highlighting sales.

Content series

We believe that it’s important for your customers to be sold on an experience, not just the product or service you are selling. We will put together a mini TV series-like or episodic show that will have viewers curious and invested.

Expainer videos

A lot of information that is important for customers to know can be dull or hard to understand. Our team will take lead to create an inviting video that will act as a captivating and compelling summary of information.

Social media videos

Videos are easily shared en masse on social media platforms – being 1200% more effective than images or text. We can create inspiring videos that are capable of going viral to bring in more eyeballs, engagements and in turn customers.

Branded videos

Brand awareness is very important to create a strong image that customers can trust. Consumers will be more inclined to become a customer if they have a trusted relationship with your brand. 

Whiteboard video narratives

Efficiently educating consumers is very important in converting them to customers. Whiteboard videos produced by our team is an exciting way to convey information that is easily shared.

Video commercials

At Verta Marketing, we specialize in creating persuasive advertisements to pique the interest of viewers. These advertisements will be utilized in social media, YouTube and Google Ads.

Creative videos that support your strategy


Our team believes that video marketing for your business is integral to attract more customers, and get them to believe in your product.

At Verta Marketing, we integrate our web video production as part of our digital strategy for maximum brand awareness. We rely on real-world case studies to bring forth the best strategies in digital marketing.

Experts in all areas of video production


It has been proven that Video Marketing has the highest sales conversion in comparison to other media. Video marketing drives sales, due to its high shareability, creating a form of word-of-mouth marketing that can spread like wildfire.

Our team of experts focus on these key aspects of top-class video marketing to create quality content:

  • Storytelling
  • Copywriting
  • Motion Design
  • Color Correction
  • Creative Thinking
  • Distribution Strategy
  • Video Editing
  • Graphics Animation

We have built specialized strategies that cover the scope of a variety of industries, to produce cinematic scenes that are sure to impress.

Our process

When you need an online video for your business, we use the best process to get it done.

Video and media production frequently asked questions


It is widely proven that video is a great way to convey a message as it is engaging and enjoyable for viewers. Video consumption is very popular with all ages, as we live in a time of wide access to the internet. Advances in new technologies allow video marketing to strive. This is a form of marketing we believe all businesses should incorporate, so you don’t miss out on a significant amount of sales.

Strategy for every business will vary. Many factors would need to be accounted for to decide. We will work backward from the specific characteristics of your audience to master the perfect strategy. Typically, we advise these general cases:

  • Product/branded videos for e-commerce companies
  • Email and social media videos for home construction companies
  • Whiteboard and explainer videos for B2B companies

Leave the difficult strategy planning to our team of experts. We will work with your ideas to make your vision a reality.

Video ad length can vary from short to long depending on the goal. Branded videos of your business typically are shorter, from around 30 seconds to 5 minutes. Whereas something like an interview can be longer, from about 10 minutes to more than 30 minutes. Our team specializes in finding the perfect length of video for each specific scenario.

To begin the process of incorporating a video into your marketing strategy we would discuss three main points:

  • Type of video you are looking to make
  • Main theme and subject of the video
  • The purpose/goal of the video being made

For example, you could be looking to make a video that highlights your product. Regardless of your choice, we are capable of creating and crafting a video that will work with your vision and bring it to the next level.