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What The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Is All About


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What The Canadian Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) Is All About

In today’s digital landscape, technology plays a central role in the success of businesses, particularly SMEs. Businesses that embrace technology are more efficient and have better engagement with customers due to improved communication and collaboration which ultimately makes them highly competitive.

The Government of Canada appreciates the importance of technology for Small and midsize enterprises (SMEs). As a result, they have launched the CDAP to help SMEs adopt to the latest technology and grow their business online. But what is CDAP and what does it involve? 

What is CDAP?

The Canada Digital Adoption Program(CDAP) is a $4 billion investment by the government of Canada to help small and medium-sized businesses(SMEs) adopt to new technology and improve their digital strategy. The grant seeks to make these enterprises more competitive and provide more work opportunities to Canadians.

To implement this new technology, eligible SMEs can receive $15,000 in grants and advisory services and 0% interest loans of up to $100,000. This program was launched in 2022 to support SMEs across Canada.

What does CDAP Cover?

The CDAP covers two aspects of your business.  These are:

Grow Your Business Online Grant

The Grow Your Business Online Grant is designed to help you set up or enhance your e-commerce presence. E-commerce is the process of selling goods or services online, and it can help businesses reach more customers, increase sales, and reduce costs. With this grant, you can get up to $2,400

Some of the things you can use this grant for include:

  • Developing a new e-commerce website or adding functionality to your existing site, such as a shopping cart, a payment system, a product catalog, or a customer service chatbot.
  • Installing an e-commerce platform like Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento provides you with the tools and features you need to run an online store.
  • Hiring a consultant to develop a digital marketing strategy for your e-commerce store, such as creating a brand identity, designing a logo, writing web copy, or producing product photos or videos.
  • Using website search optimization and social media advertising to drive traffic to your ecommerce store and increase your visibility and conversions.

Boost Your Business Grant

The Boost Your Business Technology Grant is aimed at businesses looking to increase productivity and enhance their competitiveness. The CDAP eligibility criteria for this funding are that your business must;

  • Have between 1 and 499 employees
  • Be Canadian-owned
  • Be for profit-making
  • Have made $500,000 or more in annual revenue in1 of the past 3 years

Only owners, directors, or persons authorized by the director of businesses can apply for this funding. The funds can be used to acquire back-office software, cybersecurity software, and other video technologies that can aid in enhancing productivity.

Some of the things you can use this grant for are:

  • Retaining an advisor with expertise in the technologies relevant to your industry and business goals.
  • Conducting a technology assessment to identify your current strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats, and gaps and needs.
  • Develop a technology roadmap that outlines your vision, objectives, strategies, actions, timelines, and budgets for implementing technology solutions.
  • Implementing a technology pilot project that tests a technology solution’s feasibility, functionality, and impact before scaling it up.
  • Evaluating the results of the technology pilot project and making adjustments as needed.

These grants are a great opportunity for small businesses to boost their business technology and grow their online presence. By taking advantage of these grants, you can improve your competitiveness, productivity, profitability, and sustainability in the digital economy.

CDAP Eligibility Criteria 

Only eligible businesses can get funding through CDAP. So what is the CDAP eligibility criteria?  Here’s the criteria:

  • For-profit business: The CDAP is intended to support for-profit businesses, including for-profit social enterprises and co-operatives. This means that the business must be operated to generate a profit.
  • Registered or incorporated: Your business must be registered or incorporated in Canada. This means that it must have completed the necessary legal steps to operate as a business in Canada.
  • Consumer-facing: A business must sell goods or services directly to end consumers. This means the business must have a direct relationship with its customers rather than selling through intermediaries such as wholesalers or distributors.
  • $500,000 to $100M of annual revenues in one of the previous 3 years: This requirement ensures that the business is established and has financial stability.

Ineligibility criteria:

  • Corporate chain, franchise, or registered charity: Businesses part of a corporate chain, franchise, or registered charity are not eligible for funding through the CDAP. Such businesses may have access to other resources and support unavailable to independent small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Representative of a multi-level marketing company: Companies are not eligible for funding through the CDAP if your business represents multi-level marketing. Multi-level marketing companies often have complex business models that may not align with the goals of the CDAP.
  • Brokerage firm: Real estate agents, investment advisors, and insurance agents are not eligible for funding through the CDAP. These types of businesses may have different needs and challenges from other small and medium-sized businesses.
  • Reliant on third-party suppliers: It wouldn’t make sense for a business that relies on third-party suppliers to apply; thus, they are not eligible.
  • Wholesale or distribution business and manufacturer: Unless you sell directly to consumers, you are definitely not eligible. 

How to Apply for CDAP? 

Applying for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) involves several steps

  • Verify Your Eligibility

Make sure you meet the CDAP eligibility criteria for one of the two CDAP streams before applying. This will ensure that you are applying for the correct stream and not wasting time. You can use the CDAP Assessment Tool to determine your eligibility.

  • Submit Your Application

For the Grow Your Business stream, connect with your local service provider to assist you with the application process. For the Boost Your Business Technology Grant, apply through the Government of Canada website using a GCKey or Sign-In Partner.

  • Wait for the Application Review

After submitting your application, it will be screened to ensure it is complete and meets the eligibility criteria. Incomplete or ineligible applications will be notified in writing. Eligible applications will be evaluated using defined assessment criteria, and successful applicants will be notified in writing.

  • Work with a CDAP advisor

Once approved for funding, you’ll work with a CDAP digital advisor to develop and implement a digital adoption plan tailored to your business needs.

Verta is an approved digital advisor in the CDAP program, helping eligible applicants with digital marketing, CRM, and sales enablement. They aim to help you transform your business, reach new customers, and develop an online presence through a customized digital adoption plan. 

To sign up and get started,  sign up for our CDAP advisory service here.

How to Access the CDAP Grant

Accessing the CDAP Grant involves a straightforward process designed to ensure the efficiency and equitable distribution of funds.

 To apply for the CDAP Grant, follow these steps:

  • Eligibility Check

First, verify that your business or organization meets the CDAP eligibility criteria. Typically, eligible applicants include small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), non-profit organizations, and Indigenous entities based in Canada.

  • Application Form

Visit the official CDAP website or the Canadian government’s portal to access the application form. Fill out the required details, including your business information, contact details, and a brief overview of your digital adoption plans.

  • Project Proposal

Prepare a well-defined project proposal outlining how the grant will facilitate your digital transformation. Clearly state the objectives, expected outcomes, and technologies you plan to adopt or upgrade.

  • Budget Plan

Include a detailed budget plan, breaking down the estimated costs of your digital adoption initiative. Ensure transparency and accuracy in your financial projections.

  • Submission

Once your application and proposal are complete, submit them through the designated channel or online portal. Be mindful of any deadlines and double-check for accuracy before submission.

  • Review Process

Your application will be reviewed by the relevant authorities to assess its eligibility and alignment with the CDAP’s objectives.

  • Grant Approval

If your application meets the requirements, you’ll be notified of the grant approval and the awarded amount.

Why Should You Apply?

Applying for the Canada Digital Adoption Program (CDAP) can be a game-changing opportunity for businesses and organizations seeking to stay competitive and relevant in the modern digital landscape. Several compelling reasons make the CDAP a crucial initiative to consider:

Financial Support

The CDAP offers financial grants to eligible applicants, providing much-needed funds to invest in digital technologies and strategies. This support can significantly alleviate the financial burden  with digital transformation, making it more accessible to many businesses, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and non-profit organizations.

Enhance Competitiveness

Embracing digital technologies can revolutionize business processes, streamline operations, and improve efficiency. By adopting new digital tools, organizations can gain a competitive edge, reach new markets, and respond better to changing consumer demands, ultimately bolstering their growth prospects.

Increased Online Presence

A robust online presence is paramount in today’s digital-centric world. The CDAP helps businesses develop and strengthen their online platforms, enabling them to connect with a broader audience, expand their customer base, and boost brand visibility.


The CDAP promotes future-proofing by encouraging businesses to adapt to technological advancements. By embracing digitalization now, organizations can better adjust to future challenges and disruptions, ensuring long-term sustainability.

 Job Creation

As businesses grow and expand through digital transformation, they create new job opportunities. The CDAP’s support fosters innovation, leading to job creation and economic growth across various sectors.

Access to Expertise

The CDAP may offer additional benefits, such as access to workshops, training sessions, and expert consultations, allowing applicants to gain valuable insights and knowledge from industry experts.

Getting Help From a CDAP Digital Advisor

If you’re looking for a reliable advisor on everything CDAP, look no further than Verta. At Verta, we take pride in being one of the approved CDAP Digital Advisors. We can help your SME apply for funding from the Canadian Digital Adoption Program and be a part of your digital transformation journey!

To get more information about the program, sign up for our CDAP advisory service here.

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